Save America Plan

In order to preserve its long-term viability as one of America’s premier technology firms and to reverse the threat to America’s economic future, Save U.S. recommends that Hewlett-Packard review and adopt these Plan action items.

HP will gain tremendous positive response from its customers, the American people, its shareholders and the media if it publicly agrees to adopt the Save America Plan and state a schedule for adopting it.

1. Disclose the current number and mix of employees (by country) and disclose plans on future non-U.S. based hiring.

2. Disclose the number of people working for HP in the U.S.under the H-1B and L-1 visas programs.

3. Immediately stop the practice of laying-off workers in U.S. facilities and transferring those jobs to foreign countries.

4. Immediately stop hiring foreign workers for any job that can be (or is currently being) performed in the United States. This includes all jobs relating to R&D, product development, programming, technical support, system monitoring, QA/QC, Customer Service and Technical Support call centers.

5. Immediately stop outsourcing to foreign companies or sub-contractors any job or project that can be performed by such companies within the United States.

6. Compel U.S.based sub-contractors hired for “outsourced projects” to certify that all work is performed
within the United States.

7. Immediately stop using H-1B and L-1 Visa programs to import and hire foreign workers while qualified American citizens are available.

8. Immediately stop allowing U.S. developed advanced IT tools, software, hardware and related technologies to be distributed to foreign entities.

9. Stop building, or planning to build, Call Centers and facilities relating to R&D, product development, programming, technical support, system monitoring, QA/QC outside the United States.

10. Develop plans for closing 50% of all HP Customer Service or Technical Support Call Centers currently in foreign countries and transferring those facilities back to the Unites States within one year. The balance of all such Centers must be transferred to the United States within two years.

11.Develop plans for closing all facilities relating to R&D, product development, programming, technical support, system monitoring, QA/QC currently in foreign counties and transferring those facilities to the United States within three years.

12.Create an Ombudsman position within HP to monitor and track compliance.


May 4, 2004

Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304

To: Harold H. Hervey
Save U.S.
708 Blossom Hill Road, Ste. 140
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Dear Mr. Hervey,

Thank you for providing your advice and recommendations for HP in your “Save America Plan.” We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us twice on what is clearly an important issue. We appreciate your ideas and, of course, share your stated goal of “preserving HP’s long-term viability as one of America’s premier technology firms.” After reviewing your twelve-point plan, we do not believe its recommendations would serve the best interests of HP’s employees, customers or shareholders. In addition, we do not believe our implementation of these steps – nor even an industry-wide adoption of these practices – would best serve our nation, our citizens or our economic future.

However, HP remains committed to the continual vibrancy and leadership of the United States. Leadership, however, is not
inevitable and to that end we believe that the U.S. must avoid economic isolationism and endeavor to work with the world for
greater economic growth and prosperity. In addition, HP advocates a public-private partnership of government, the business community, academia and others, to engage in a proactive agenda to invest in America’s growth and leadership.

We support measures that can help American’s compete more effectively, including increasing investment in education and
research and development, with a focus on math and the physical sciences. We must develop next-generation industries and next-
generation talent in fields like biotechnology, nanotechnology and digital media distribution. We must continue to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. This encompasses efforts to gain access to markets around the globe, deployment of broadband and a leading 21st century digital infrastructure. Finally, all of the elements of the public-private partnership must work together to address any dislocations caused by increasing productivity and engagement and improve programs to offer training and life-long learning opportunities to our nation’s workforce. We support efforts to reform transition assistance to include IT workers.

HP has a long-standing commitment to these principles. HP’s support of educational programs is well-known [sic] and represents a substantial portion of HP’s philanthropic contributions, for example. We look forward to engaging with other interested stakeholders, seeking to promote a positive agenda for future growth and leadership.

We appreciate your interest and your time.


Sidney Espinosa – Government and Public Affairs
Hewlett-Packard Company