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“Against immigration? Don’t worry! They won’t come here anymore! Our jobs are being sent to them!” tarajill2001, On-Line Forum
“If outsourcing is so good for an economy, then why don’t India and China outsource their jobs to America?” Frank, San Jose, CA

SUJ Response: That makes so much sense, only one of them “economists” could explain why it only works in one direction.
“Maybe your organization could post a list of companies that are exporting our jobs, and we could band together to boycott these companies. If the boycotts could get big enough it would provide an excellent financial incentive not to sell out American jobs.”Justin, Ohio

SUJ Response: Amen, brother. Please visit Onshorealternatives.com
“….no, it’s [off-shoring] not good for the employees to get laid off. I’ll tell you who it is good for though: stockholders and consumers. Especially consumers. Cheap goods increase the standard of living.” Adaher, FL

SUJ Response: Since it’s not good for employees nor their families nor their local communities, then it’s just not good. Period. And since it’s not good, we shouldn’t do it. By the way, those laid-off employees are shareholders, too.
“Not only are we losing jobs in America, the Federal and State governments are losing hundreds of millions in income tax revenue due to those jobs being sent off-shore. Yet nobody seems to be paying attention.” Troy, Modesto, CA

SUJ Response: Truer words were never spoken.
“What’s really sad is that people who work at IBM or HP just sit on their hands passively fat,dumb and happy while their fellow employees are being cut-off at the knees. They should be raising all kinds of objections and complaining like hell about this problem. Instead, they come to work everyday like lambs as if nothing is wrong not realizing the economic grim reaper will knock on their cubicles soon.” Sam, New York

SUJ Response: It’s like they don’t think it could happen to them.
In response to a question on CraigsList Forum about what B2B means,..”it now means ‘Boston to Bangalore.’ It represents the flow of hi-tech jobs.” Red Sox Fan

SUJ Response: That’s funny and sad simultaneously. It could also mean ‘Boston to Beijing’ or ‘Bay Area to Bangalore’. Red Sox fans know suffering more than most.
“I’ve been following “Exporting America” and your interviews. I’ve noticed that none of your guests are ever able to give you a solid answer to the question of what specific jobs we should retrain for. Whenever you pose that question, it’s like you are showing a mirror to a vampire.” Brendan O’Sullivan, Phoenix on Lou Dobbs Tonight, 2/16/04

SUJ Response: Perhaps we can all be retained as garlic farmers.
“Based on their dismal history, putting Congress or other U.S. politicians in charge of protecting America’s trade and economic future is like putting Colonel Sanders in charge of health care for chickens.” Jennifer, Minneapolis

SUJ Response: Now that is the quote of the year.
“Why should I join you guys now? It was conservatives like you who forced Bush on thinking patriotic folks like me. Now we are all in this “king” sized bed together. Now you want dollars? I don’t think so. My dollars are going to John Kerry and so should yours.” Rudy, undisclosed location

SUJ Response: Don’t beat around the ..Bush, Rudy. Tell us how you really feel. It’s good to learn that “thinking patriotic folks” are sending money to Kerry. We just wish we had some money to send..anybody..so we that can be considered “thinking”, too. And bedsides, helping us don’t mean you can’t help Kerry.
“With apologies to Morgan Stanley ‘Outsourcing – Destroying our children’s future – One job at a time.’ “ Paul, Bellingham

SUJ Response: They should the ones doing the apologizing.
“Outsourcing is getting so bad in the semiconductor industry that Intel is considering changing its name to Outel.” Enid, San Jose

“Did you ever notice that people who want outsourcing always put the burden of retraining and retooling on the American workers. But all the foreign workers have to do is just show up for work.” Tommy, NY

SUJ Response: Remember, they only care about profits, not about Americans.

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