Press Release

DATELINE: 3/11/04: Save U.S. Jobs. biz and Hewlett-Packard met on 3/9/04 to discuss offshoring:

In accordance with Phase I of their Direct Action plan, H.M.Hervey, CEO of Save US (SUJ) and Nam Nguyen, founder of United Asian, met with senior management at HP headquarters in Palo Alto, CA on 3/9/04. Accompanied by Art Peters, VP Operations of SUJ, the team explained their mutual goals for reversing the current outsourcing trends and H-1B/L-1 visa abuses and presented HP with specific plans for meeting those goals. The high-level purpose of the meeting was to establish a cordial working relationship with HP’s management.

The SUJ team said that too many American corporations are failing in their civic duty to the United States and its people by decimating the American middle-class for the sake of short-term profits. As HP
shareholders, SUJ explained that HP is also endangering its own long-term viability by transferring proprietary technologies and intellectual property to foreign countries. The foreign workers who are currently being paid and trained by HP will eventually start their own companies by using those technologies and “know-how” to compete against HP and other American companies. The team also reminded HP that it could still retain its position as a profitable global player by hiring and keeping American workers. Since HP
was founded and built by Americans, SUJ suggested that all work that can be done in the US should be done in the US. To that end, SUJ submitted the “Save America Plan”, a list of 11 specific action items HP should adopt to accomplish that goal. Hervey advised the HP staff that he, as a shareholder, would seek a place on the Board of Directors to represent his organization and to help influence future decisions about HP’s foreign hiring activities. Hervey also requested a follow-on meeting with Carly Fiorina, HP’s Chairman and CEO.

The group also presented HP with an opportunity to take a leadership role in helping to preserve and enhance America’s economic future by helping SUJ reverse this growing and dangerous trend. In addition, the group suggested that taking such a lead role would give HP significant business advantages due to the tremendous surge in support from customers, employees,shareholders and the American people.

Hewlett-Packard was represented by Gary Fazzino, VP of Government and Public Affairs. Also present were Sid Espinosa and Jason Rodriguez, both from the Government and Public Affairs division. After SUJ’s presentation the HP staff explained that the company has a long and distinguished history of being a responsible global corporate citizen and that it limited the use of H-1B and L-1 visas. Mr. Fazzino also said HP was diligent about helping displaced and outsourced employees by providing training and financial
support. The HP staff also expressed concern about the future of America workers but maintained that HP would continue to serve and support its foreign markets. The meeting concluded with HP promising to review the “Save America Plan” and to schedule a follow-up meeting.