Position Statement

This page outlines SUJ’s official position on a number of critical issues facing America today.

On “OUTSOURCING” American jobs…

SUJ believes that American companies have the right to relocate or sub-contract jobs or projects within the United States for operational or cost-reduction reasons. We have no problem with a company closing a Call Center in one state and opening one in a
different state to take advantage of lower regional costs. There is a problem, however, when a company lays-off Call Center, IT or manufacturing workers in the U.S. and sends those jobs to a foreign country just to exploit the cheap labor and lack of environmental or health regulations.

SUJ supports legislation that gives corporations incentives to hire and keep employees within the U.S. rather than enacting punitive or restrictive laws. These incentives include, for example, giving tax credits for creating American jobs and allowing the full deduction of payroll costs for employees based in the U.S.


SUJ rejects the concept of “Globalization” because it essentially ignores all the factors that make America such a great country. Globalization reduces America to just another “Market”, “Profit Center” or “Labor Pool” for companies to exploit. That concept also
makes no distinction between Detroit and Peking, between Silicon Valley and Bangalore, India or between Boston’s Route 128 and Manila. Every city or region is treated the same.

Globalization creates wealth for corporate CEO’s and stockholders but not for the workers who produce the goods and services. For that reason, Globalization actually increases the disparity between rich and poor within the US.

America’s unique place in history is infinitely more important than quarterly profits. America’s economic viability and way of life must be preserved at all costs. The future of the free world depends on it.

On UNION jobs vs. NON-UNION jobs…

SUJ’s mission is to preserve American jobs regardless of union or non-union affiliation. Unions and company management should negotiate in good faith to establish fair and reasonable work rules and wages that are beneficial to both sides. Unions should retain
the right to organize workers when those workers choose to unionize without company interference. In addition, people should be free to choose non-union affiliation without fear or intimidation.


Since the United States is a nation of laws, SUJ believes that all current state and federal laws should be obeyed and enforced, including current immigration laws. By definition, this means American companies should only hire people legally entitled to work in the United States if those jobs are within US borders..until such laws are abridged.

On Work Visas…

H-1B and L-1 visas should be limited to current levels since they have been used by corporations to avoid hiring more American workers and paying them living wages.


Free trade should also be fair trade. Trade laws must be beneficial to American companies and its people. The $550 Billion trade deficit proves that our current system does neither. However, SUJ believes the U.S.government should not erect new Tariffs, Duties or Levies on imports. SUJ will use free market tools like common sense and
patriotism to persuade Americans to buy products and services manufactured by U.S. workers in America.


SUJ does not endorse any political party or candidate. Our mission to protect and create jobs in America transcends conservative/liberal or Republican/Democrat platforms.