The Political Action Dilemma

There are currently too many groups and individuals engaging in too many ineffective activities. Influencing politicians is a long-term process that should be left to the province of large professional organizations who specialize in political action. SUJ and its allies will focus on companies directly instead of politicians because:

It Takes Too Long

Getting effective laws written, enacted, signed and enforced takes many months or years even if everything goes well. It takes even longer when accounting for reluctant politicians who receive campaign money from the offending corporations, dilution or
weakening of the legislation itself in committee, delays in signing the legislation into law due to corporate lobbying, monitoring companies for compliance, actually enforcing the law and finally obtaining proper remedies if corporations fail to comply. Americans do not have the luxury of waiting for all this to happen; we are losing more jobs daily.

It Costs Too Much

Corporations have multi-million dollar budgets for PR, lobbying and campaign contributions. The rest of us have about $45 combined.

We’re Competing On Their Turf

We are under-funded in comparison AND they have a big home-court advantage within the halls of Congress. We can’t compete with companies for the hearts and minds of enough politicians, especially during non-election years when these companies provide
millions in campaign funds to said politicians.

International Treaties “hamstring” Congress

The provisions of NAFTA, WTO, GATT and PNTR often legally inhibit the U.S from enacting laws that effectively ban most outsourcing, restricting work visas or curtailing the flow of cheap imports. That means we’re all working uphill from start when trying
to influence Congress. SUJ, on the other hand, is not “handcuffed” by international treaties. We are free to act within the law to influence companies directly and to push consumers to “Buy American”.

Current Efforts Are Unfocused

There are too many different groups doing too many ineffective things to gain the attention of too many different State and National politicians. Having meetings, calling radio talk shows, hand-wringing, complaining to each and sending letters to newspapers are all nice and might help in the long-run. But they don’t work in the near-term.

The Offending Companies Can Hide

Companies just love it when we all waste so much time going after many of the politicians they support with millions in campaign funds. They would hate it, however, if they had to explain themselves in public, were held publicly accountable and had to contend with angry shareholders and customers. And SUJ members.