• Oracle is hiring four engineers every day in Bangalore, India and will have more than 4,000 employees there by the end of 2004.
  • If you have an x-ray at Massachusetts General Hospital, an x-ray technician in India may work on that x-ray before the radiologist reads it.
  • CEO’s AT COMPANIES with the largest layoffs, most underfunded pensions and biggest tax breaks were rewarded with bigger paychecks, according to a new report, “Executive Excess 2003: CEO’s Win, Workers and Taxpayers Lose.” READ MORE 
  • General Electric transferred critical turbine technology to China in return for short-term profits: In order to get a $900 million contract for electric turbines, GE agreed to give Chinese companies critical “9F” turbine specs that it took GE years and $500 million to develop. The Chinese companies can now manufacture these leading-edge turbines without GE in the future. Wall Street Journal, 2/26/04

You can learn more about how America’s jobs, privacy and security are being compromised daily. Find which US companies are acting responsibly by NOT outsourcing. We highly recommend that American consumers start supporting such important companies.

According to the US Department of Labor and Forrester Research, America will see the following the offshore jobs migration for just four job types during the years indicated. (In Thousands)

The top reason for outsourcing is cost reduction. – CIO Magazine

Important Reading Material

“Good Jobs & Profitable On-Shore U.S. Companies” by Frank Corey
This is blunt and not flattering of mainstream America. If you want a solution to the “economy” problems, this is for you. If you want more of the way things are now, blow this off.  READ MORE

“The Race to the Bottom” by Alan Tonelson
Explores how the U.S. has entered into a no-win global competition in which countries with the lowest wages…gain investment in America and Europe and how the worldwide worker surplus and uncontrolled free trade are sinking American living standards. READ MORE 

“Globalization and Trade: The Need for Debate” by Alan Tonelson
…globalization has not been meaningfully incorporated into American politics or policy-making. In fact, most social and even economic policy issues are debated in America today as if globalization did not exist or were happening somewhere else. READ MORE

“An index of American decline” by Pat Buchanan
With the markets soaring, the Bush recovery is being called a jobless recovery. Not so. We are creating millions of jobs – overseas – even as we are destroying manufacturing jobs at a rate of 77,000 per month in the United States. READ MORE 

“Profit over People” by Noam Chomsky, MIT
A devastating attack on neoliberalism, the economic and political policies that place corporate wealth and profit above all considerations to the exclusion of any regard for people or the social environment. Chomsky explains why the concept of “Market uber alles” and current trade agreements like NAFTA and WTO must be rejected. READ MORE 

“Is free trade falling out of fashion?” by Pat Buchanan, WND
The president’s Council of Economic Advisers Gregory Mankiw equated the outsourcing of customer call-center jobs to India with buying manufactured goods from abroad, and pronounced both to be natural and good. “When a good or service is produced more cheaply abroad it makes more sense to import it than to make or provide it domestically.”  READ MORE

The outsourcing of high-tech jobs to India misses the most important point: national interests and security. READ MORE

The Current State of Affairs…
* India alone has 150 million well-trained, well-educated and English speaking people. That is larger than the entire workforce of the United States. And their numbers are growing. In other words, India alone has enough people to absorb every new hi-tech job created in America for the foreseeable future.

Then think about adding China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore to that equation. READ MORE