California Senate OKs offshoring bill:The California Senate on Monday passed a controversial bill that would ban state agencies from contracting out their services to companies that use overseas labor.  READ MORE

California Assembly Bill Sets Off-Shoring Limits: While riddled with caveats and exceptions, the California Assembly approved legislation that ban the offshoring of state government service jobs when state agencies sign new agreements with private contractors. READ MORE 

PRESS RELEASE:  Save US is pleased to announce the appointment of Jay Schwalb as its Southwest Regional Director in Houston, Texas. Jay will use his first-hand understanding of how off-shoring has effected the Houston area. Jay will help spread the word about SUJ’s cause to that part of America. Please contact Jay at

Save US Jobs presents SAVE AMERICA PLAN to Hewlett-Packard: As a follow-up to their 3/9/04 meeting, SUJ presented a 12-point plan on 4/21 to HP that outlines specific action-items that addresses the problem of off-shoring and work visa abuse. READ MORE

Investors Frown on Offshoring: Wall Street may love outsourcing jobs to low-cost foreign countries, but investors do not. Most think it’s bad for the U.S. economy and they appear to support tough measures against corporate America to control it, a Gallup poll says. READ MORE

Jobs that stay here – but not for Americans: As many as 30 percent in a typical off-shoring jobs stay onshore but aren’t available to the local workforce. They are reserved, almost exclusively, for guest workers brought from India on H-1B visas by the outsourcing contractors. READ MORE 

Hewlett-Packard and SUJ have meeting: “Save U.S.” and “United Asian” had a productive meeting with HP’s senior staff on 3/9/04 to discuss outsourcing, H-1B and L-1 visa issues. H.M.Hervey, Art Peters and Nam Nguyen established what they hoped to be a cooperative relationship for the long-term benefit of HP and America workers. READ MORE 

U.S. Corporations AWOL: Mike Cassidy asks questions like; What about creating strong communities? What about taking care of the people who take care of the company? What about giving workers assurances that if they work hard, not only will their jobs be secure, but their lots in life will improve? What about loyalty, social responsibility and patriotism? READ MORE 

VC’S Offshoring Push Goes Into Overdrive: For all of you who think
off-shoring will allow Americans to find jobs in the “new” technologies, THINK AGAIN.  READ MORE

Meanwhile, Warren Buffet blasts greedy CEO’s: Warren Buffett, America’s second richest man (behind Bill Gates) and one of the most respected business men in the world, criticized lavish pay packages and the “lapdog behavior” of corporate directors, calling the situation an “epidemic of greed.” Some of his harshest words were reserved for mutual fund companies. READ MORE

General Electric transferred critical turbine technology to China in
return for short-term profits: To get a $900 million contract for electric turbines, GE agreed to give Chinese companies critical “9F” turbine specs that took GE years and more than $500 million to develop. The Chinese companies can now manufacture these leading-edge turbines without GE in the future.
Wall Street Journal, 2/26/04

America’s medical records vulnerable to off-shore disclosure: A disgruntled information worker in Pakistan who processes medical records that are “Outsourced” to his company threatened to publish and disclose all such records if he didn’t get a raise.
Nation Public Radio, 2/10/04

Investor outrage over executive compensation apparently did not register on Wall Street, where chief executives like Sanford I. Weill of Citigroup and E. Stanley O’Neal of Merrill Lynch collected their biggest paychecks ever in 2003 – $44 million and $28 million.