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Join Save U.S.

In order to achieve its mission, Save U.S. Jobs needs the financial support of its Members. SUJ Members will contribute ideas, spread the “gospel”, enlist other Members and, most importantly, provide SUJ with information about their company’s off-shoring plans.

In addition, SUJ Members will participate in Direct Action events like participating in mass telephone or email campaigns, peaceful company specific marches, sit-ins and helping to organize boycotts. Sounds like fun!

Help SUJ organize and mobilize a real grass-roots movement to stop this unfolding national emergency. Don’t wait for someone else to act.

We need members with VISION, COURAGE and COMMITMENT.

Who should join SUJ:
* Those who lost their jobs to off-shoring
* Those who are currently employed but want to keep their jobs
* Those who want to keep medical, credit & financial records in the US
* Those who want to protect America’s economic future

Beware current job holders! You’re also in danger of being”Outsourced.”

The “improving” economy will not save you unless we act.