Thanks for considering a career at Save U.S. You can be part of an exciting new organization that’s dedicated to helping save America’s economic future. We have a big job and we need strong people.

Since SUJ is a young, action-oriented organization whose operating funds are dependant on the contributions of donors and Member dues, all positions outlined below will be initially on a volunteer basis. Salaries and benefits will be paid as the organization becomes financially stable. Most positions will accommodate tele-commuting during the first six months.

If you have the passion and can handle the excitement, we have the cause and the ground-floor opportunity.  Position Statements

Email cover letter and Resume (No attachments please) to:

Current Open Positions

Executive Director/Chairman
Since SUJ is actually a pro-business organization, we are looking for an experienced, senior business executive who understands the threat to America and shares our vision and passion. Ideally, this person is a well-known and respected executive that held a senior management position such as Chairman, CEO, Senior VP, etc. in a major US corporation.


Help SUJ grow into a major organization; Project SUJ‘s mission within the business community; Represent SUJ at media and PR events; Fund raising and businessdevelopment.

Media & Public Relations Manager
We need a media savvy person who knows the print and Internet media. Public relations experience is a plus. This is a great opportunity for a recent college grad or intern who wants to explore career opportunities in high-tech or non-profit public relations.

Corporate Legal Officer
SUJ‘s legal officer will help the organization comply with local, state and federal laws; formulate contracts/agreements, navigate the corporate legal landscape with respect to worker and shareholder rights. An experienced and accredited paralegal will be considered in the interim.

Chief Fund Raiser
Responsibilities include developing and implementing a strategic plan and major gift solicitations. Requires organizational leadership experience; excellent communications skills; proven fund raising success; experience with budget development and financial reporting; high energy level. Compensation: 30% of all cash donations.