Frank Corey

The clear thoughts of Frank Corey

Inaction does not get rid of the “economy” problems. Criticizing does not get rid of the “economy” problems. The way to get rid of a destructive paradigm is to replace it with a beneficial paradigm. Only certain things work. The ideas for an economy are basic like alternating current. There is much valid criticism about what is going down in the economy but only Frank Corey takes apart what is going down in the economy from philosophical, business, and country perspectives.

Mr. Corey articulates ideas that take care of the country and American workers and American companies. On a daily basis must the individual take care of his/her interests and the country’s interests? Of course, but every day individual Americans
do nothing to solve the “economy” problems that hurt them and the country.

Whining is doing nothing.

Can problems be ignored or promoted and everything will be just fine? Of course not, the opposite is the case. Every day individual Americans by doing nothing make the “economy” problems worse.

Read “Problem Franchising Is Not Citizenship”. The title could read “Problem Franchising Is Not Business” or “Problem Franchising Is Not Taking Care of One’s Interests.”

The overwhelming problems in the economy are the products of deliberate policies.

Americans in general assume that the individuals running America’s large corporations are business people, that there is intellectual prowess in academia, and that the elected officials in Washington are taking care of the country. People who are neither business people, nor people of intelligence and learning, nor patriots have
inflicted upon the country and American workers and American companies the overwhelming “economy” problems of today. There are exceptions in business, in academia, and in Washington, but a consensus inflicted the overwhelming “economy” problems of today. What is done and what is not done define and not peoples’ titles.

Can Lunacies Be a Business Paradigm?

Sure they can. If a company has resources, a company can run for some time with lunacies as the business paradigm. But the chickens eventually come home to roost and the demise of the company is just a question of when and not if. The same holds true for a country. America’s “economy” problems are the products of lunacies. The
American economy must be based on reality imperatives.

The present trade system does not serve the country, American workers or American companies. Every patriot, every American who wants a good job for themselves or their families and every American business person who wants a viable business environment must work daily for a trade system that is good for the
country and American workers and American companies.

Read “Why Is There No Solution to the Trade Problem?”

Then read “New Handwriting on the Wall”. This articulates a trade system that takes care of the country, the American workers and American companies. This trade system allows each country to determine its own import and export policies.

Other countries trade with America in areas that they and we find mutually agreeable and beneficial and under the four components of the trade system outlined in this book.