Direct Action

SUJ will directly engage and confront corporate executives in a professional and cooperative manner. However, SUJ will not spend time appealing to lawmakers or competing with corporations with multi-million dollar political campaign and lobbying budgets. While such efforts are laudable and needed for the long-term, America can’t continue to absorb job losses during the months and years it takes to write, enact and enforce effective legislation.

Proof that lobbying Congress is not effective: Off-Shoring and H-1B/L-1 visa abuses are increasing at unprecedented rates, not decreasing.  American politicians are currently not fulfilling their sworn oaths to protect our economy and our national security.

Here’s Why:

* Of the more than 80 anti-outsourcing bills that are pending in 30 states, none have passed. (WSJ, 3/1/04)

Direct Action will correct this problem by focusing our resources on specific companies until they agree to change their destructive outsourcing practices.

SUJ will focus on the source of the problem: The company, its executives and its Board members.

SUJ will force change from within by acquiring a target company’s stock (via purchase, proxy & pledges) and becoming active shareholders. Even small amounts of stock will give SUJ the leverage needed to effect shareholder and Board meetings.

Instead of being mere investment vehicles, corporate stock will now be used to save America and stop U.S.companies from transferring our jobs, technologies and “know-how” to foreign countries.

Direct Action thinks globally but acts nationally….one company at a time*

Phase I:
SUJ‘s senior staff will contact a CEO to request an audience in order to make our case and help that company develop plans for stopping and reversing this outsourcing trend. If SUJ fails to gain that audience it will direct our Members to send an increasing number of emails, letters and phone calls to that CEO and Board Members until a meeting is granted and a mutually acceptable plan is devised. And we’ll acquire stock & a Board seat.

Phase II
If the company fails to meet with SUJ or does not agree to alter its outsourcing practices, SUJ will dramatically increase the number of emails, phone calls and letters directed at company executives. If cooperation is still not gained, SUJ will then organize peaceful marches/sit-ins on company property and generate a negative media campaigns. Acquire a little more stock & change the Board.

Phase III
If the above still fails to generate cooperation, SUJ will continue with Phase II activities and initiate boycotts of the company’s products and services. In addition, SUJ will initiate Share Holder and Class Action lawsuits.

And acquire even more stock and change the management.

*Direct Action will comply with all local, State and Federal laws.