Buy American

In order to actually save and create jobs in America, US consumers must recognize the value of buying products made in America. We must be willing to pay a bit more if that helps create jobs at home. SUJ believes that consumers who care about America’s economic future are willing to pay $5 more for a shirt or $50 more for a
PC if “Made in USA” and if that helps create jobs for their neighbors.

While it may be inconvenient at times, please start looking for US made products and ask store personnel why their store doesn’t carry more of these items.

It’s time to create a positive economic cycle: Buy a product manufactured in American which employs someone in the US who, in turn, has enough money to buy the products you make which, in turn, helps keeps your company in business which, in turn, keeps you employed so you can afford to buy other American products. etc..

Remember, “The job you save may be your own.”

SUJ is pleased to list companies that manufacture products in America and who do not ship jobs off-shore. We encourage all Americans to patronize these important companies. Please take the time to review their products and to visit their websites. It also helps to buy something from them if you need it.

New Balance Shoes (

New Balance adheres to a unique set of philosophies. They focus on function over fashion, continue to make many shoes in the US; nurture strong retail partnerships; take an “endorsed by no one” stance; and support grassroots initiatives. And they have not lost sight of who they are or where they came from.

Alienware Corporation

Manufactures high-end computer gaming machines, DV systems and high performance workstations. Alienware has earned numerous awards for excellence around the world.

American Apparel

American Apparel is passionate about delivering the best products. American Apparel is the only choice when it comes to high-end promotional T-shirts.

Union Jean & Apparel Company

We are a distribution and manufacturing company involved in the marketing and sales of union made apparel.

Barnes & Noble

The web’s largest inventory of new and used books.

Lucast Custom Computers

Lucast has the right computer for you. Every computer is hand-built with critical attention to detail.

Sharper Image

The Sharper Image creates most of its bestselling products in-house.


Everything at L.L.Bean is backed by the same rock-solid guarantee of satisfaction.

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