Welcome to Save U.S. Jobs.biz

Save U.S. Jobs (SUJ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to reversing the growing and dangerous practice of U.S. companies “outsourcing” American jobs and technologies to foreign countries.

Too many American companies are mortgaging America’s long-term economic future for short-term profits.

SUJ’s Mission is to save our Jobs, protect our Privacy and ensure our
Future. SUJ also wants to help American companies remain profitable and competitive for the long-term by using their most notable advantage, the American worker.

SUJ is also committed to educating American consumers about the long-term economic benefits of buying products and services made by American workers in America. We should not continue “racing-to-the-bottom” by always buying the “cheapest” items. Remember…

“The job you save may be your own.”

Prime Consideration: As the world’s Vanguard of democracy, free speech and human rights, the United States of America, its people, its way of life and its economic vitality must be enhanced and preserved at all costs. The future of the free world depends on it.

Too many American companies have no allegiance to this country and actively undermine the Prime Consideration by transferring our jobs, skills and technologies to foreign countries for the sake of short-term profits.

Once these concepts are understood, the need for Direct Action becomes obvious.

How SUJ will accomplish its Mission

SUJ is a pro-business organization that constructively engages corporations directly to press the need for reversing this alarming trend.  SUJ will communicate cogent business reasons for hiring and retaining American workers versus exploiting cheap off-shore labor. The future of their companies are at stake.

SUJ wants to help American corporations and their executives regain the moral, ethical and patriotic foundations that made America the greatest nation on earth.

Tough Questions….Easy Answers

When Americans lose their jobs to “off-shoring”, is that good for those employees, good for their families and good for the communities in which they live?

Since American corporate executives send those jobs off-shore to cut labor costs and reduce overhead, will those same executives also accept 60% cuts in their own compensation like their laid-off employees are forced to endure?

We Need Your HELP !

SUJ needs operating funds and Members to accomplish its goals. Who should be SUJ Members?
* Those who lost their jobs to outsourcing.
* Those who are currently employed but want to keep their jobs.**
* Those who want to protect America’s economic future.

** Beware current job holders! You are also in danger of being “Outsourced.”

Even if you are unable to join SUJ now, your financial support will be greatly appreciated. Who should Contribute? See above.

It’s good to note however that the information to be shared using this website, along with the transfer and/or exchange of any personal and/or financial details will all be protected from online threats, provided by our trusted friends who help us in this mission. Click here to learn more about cyber security:  http://www.seccomglobal.com/cyber-security/

So fear not to speak up and share what you have for your country!